Nyanja Construction is set out to be the leading Design and Construction firm in the region. We boast of over 10 years of experience in the design and construction sector.

  •  The Team 
  •  Our Core Values 
  • We’re setup with two arms. One for Design and the other for Construction.

    The Design arm is a collaboration of the Surveying, Architectural, Structural Engineering, Mechnical & Electrical Engineering and Interior Design teams.

    The Construction arm is led by the Projects Engineer and the team varies depending on the scope of the project at hand.
  • Sustainability: Our key goal is to build today while thinking of tomorrow’s generation.
  • Quality: To work with utmost integrity and offer quality and professional services to our clientele
  • Safety: Safety on our sites is of paramount importance and protocols to ensure this are a key element of who we are.
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